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Its time to put the friendly back into Manitoba farming.

Quality of Life Facts

Profits exported, problems remain

95% of Manitoba's hog production leaves the province, either as live hogs or processed pork. This leaves 100% of the social, environmental and health problems in Manitoba. Neighbors and workers who are exposed to factory farm emissions and slaughterhouse work conditions can suffer from a multitude of ills, including depression, respiratory illness, lung damage, carpal tunnel disease, asthma and an overall loss of quality of life.

Hazardous work

In 2004, the meat packing industry in Manitoba by far had the highest injury rate for workers at 29%—nearly doubling the next highest industrial sector.

As farms get bigger, fewer people are available to maintain rural utilities, care for the environment and provide other community services, further damaging the social fabric. In the last decade (1997 to 2006), the annual production of hogs more than doubled in Manitoba from 4 million to almost 9 million, yet the number of operations producing hogs declined by over two-thirds, to 1250 farms. Manitoba now boasts having the largest hog factories in the country.