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Its time to put the friendly back into Manitoba farming.

Health Facts

Misuse, overuse of antibiotics

Nearly all antibiotics used in agriculture in Canada are for growth promotion and to offset stress due to overcrowding and confinement—not to cure sick animals. Such use breeds antibiotic resistant bacteria that spreads to other animals and humans.

Manure harmful to health

Some of the ingredients contained in hog manure from factory hog farms are: Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Heavy Metals (Copper sulphate, zinc, selenium) Pathogenic bacteria (E-coli, salmonella, campylobacter, streptococcus) Protozoa, Viruses, Helminthic Parasites, Prions, Antibiotics

Air emissions a public health hazard

A groundbreaking air quality study concluded that ILO air emissions constitute a public health hazard, deserving public health precautions. This study from Iowa further recommended that the air pollutants, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and odor must be regulated to protect human health. Manitoba has disregarded this report and does not regulate any of these constituents within the hog industry.

CMA backs moratorium

The Canadian Medical Association, at their 2003 annual convention, called for a stop to the expansion of industrial hog operations until adequate scientific data on attendant health risks are obtained.