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The Manitoba Clean Environment Commission (CEC) report

The Clean Environment Commission reports directly to the Minister of Conservation. The commissioner's candidacies are only held at the pleasure of the Lieutenant Governor in Council. They have no security of tenure, and may be dismissed at the pleasure of the government of the day, if a decision is made which is not keeping with government policy. Therefore, the Clean Environment Commission is not an independent body.

Summary of the Environmental Sustainability and Hog Production in Manitoba report (December 2007)

48 recommendations were contained in the report with the majority of them calling for:

Research made by hog industry-supported sources

The majority of scientific experts that were hired by the CEC to help shape the report are engaged in research that is supported in part by industry associations or corporations—directly or indirectly—through channels such as the Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative or the National Centre for Livestock and Environment, Swine Research Program. Their research is driven by the need to bring in private funding into the cash-starved University of Manitoba. This public-private partnership invariably supports the research agenda of the industry and results in the opportunity cost of forgoing innovation in the broader public interest.

Information withheld

Soil test data and manure management plans were requested through the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. Timely access to this data was denied. Over the course of the investigation, public requests were made to the CEC to provide evidence along with a whole host of other key environmental and economic data. Neither Manitoba Conservation provided this information nor did the CEC appear to request it for the purposes of their report.

Organizations who publicly supported the Manitoba CEC report: